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App Quarantine – Report #2

It’s roughly one month after the last report so here we go again!

Responses on my first report

Seems like it didn’t shake too much ground: usually no more than 20 visits a day. However the day I had announced it on reddit it did skyrocket to a solid 1.800 visits… well at least that’s pretty solid for my expectations. In total there’s around 2.500 visits.

New features of APP QUARANTINE

One guy asked me for help because he accidently thrown his default launcher into quarantine. Oh well without the launcher it’s tough to start any app at all… actually you can’t do anything else besides pulling down the status bar. In such cases it’s still possible to revive the phone by using adb commands from your PC but in the first place the user should not be able to do this by default. So APP QUARANTINE is now only showing the apps which are available in your launcher. For experienced users of course it’s still possible to deactive this limitation in the settings menu and restore it “back to normal” but then you really should know what you are doing!

Then there’s another major feature which I already had in mind right from the start but due to weird crash reports last month I could never take the time to make any progress. But homescreen widgets finally went online with the latest update a couple days ago. While you generally use the main application to quarantine unwanted apps permantely, the widget is supposed to quarantine them only temporarily…. so when you hit the app icon in the widget it will automatically be enabled before launch, and when you don’t need it anymore just use the lock icon to deactivate it back again.

Market statistics

You remember my last report? It has been 1.000 active installs and 2.500 total installs in the first month. So my desire was to simply be able and double the numbers for the second month. Huh! I even surpassed this target: now there’s almost 2.500 active installs and 5.400 totals. My active installations increased to 45% and my average rating went up to 4.3 so I think I’m not doing too bad.

What’s next!?

Yes tell me, what’s next… the moon? Nah not so quick Ramdroid!!! I have a nice list of possible features for APP QUARANTINE which I’ll make available sooner or later. And yes, the problems with GO Launcher are on this list as well: GO Launcher is also showing disabled apps (hell, no other launcher does this) so I might need to think about ways to trick this bastard!

Final words

Last but not least I’d like to mention that I always love to receive feedback about the stuff I’m doing. Just go ahead and tell me what you think about the new widget! Or do you have any improvements you’d like to see the next time you receive an update? If you are running a news site, blog, or something and you’d like to write a feature about my app: Yes, please, I’m definitely interested, just keep them coming!

Get in touch and drop me an email or comment on this blog. You can also follow me on GooglePlus

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App Quarantine (ROOT)