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What is important for you when deciding on a new Android device?


App Quarantine In-depth Review & Exclusive Interview

Check out this post on Ace tips! There is a very detailed review of APP QUARANTINE and an interview!

App Quarantine In-depth Review & Exclusive Interview

App Quarantine – Report #3

Hi and welcome to the third installment of my report. There’s a little triumph I’ll shout out, but first things first…

Responses to my previous post

Remember my last call: 1.800 visits from reddit when I published my first report. When I posted about the second one I got zero response. Seems like the crazy redditers are not really so predictable.

However I managed to gain some press attention. See the following links:

tipps4Android (german, written by yours truly) (german)

Android Market statistics

I’m really fascinated like most success is coming directly from Android market without any doing. There are small gaps when the number of installations does NOT increase, but usually there’s always an increasing amount each time I check. When browsing through top free apps in Android market I often spotted APP QUARANTINE there too. So this is really awesome!!!

More awesomeness? Sure, I’ll bring it all along! The other day I finally managed to pass 10.000 installations! Yes you heard it. So watch your back Rovio!! The number of active installations climbed up to 5.000 which is definitely an improvement to the 45% I had announced before.

Some more details:

Platform versions are lead by Gingerbread (48,3%) and FroYo (46,4%). Honeycomb users increased to 1,6% which equals around 80 installations, so this is slowly getting better as well. 6 people managed to run my App on 2.1 however it should crash horribly because some APIs had changed from 2.1 to 2.2 – and unfortunately the app is only available on FroYo or later.

The most wide-spread device is the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is used by 11%. Maybe Apple got shocked when they hacked into my account and then deceided to sue the company and try to ban all Galaxy devices. There are few more HTCs, Motorolas and a lonely LG Optimus One which are all crawling around 2-4% but the SGS2 is definitely the most impressive result.

Language and country wise most devices are located in USA and Germany. Maybe I could increase installations for other countries by offering more languages!? So, well, what about Japanese… any takers?

What’s next?

Recently I didn’t really develop a lot on the app, besides adding better support for TouchWiz and GO Launcher Ex. But some new ideas are slowly coming to shape so better watch your update notifications!

That’s all for today, if you enjoyed reading this blog, feel free to drop me a line!


Click the picture and check out this blog. Tutorials for SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE users and more Android related goodness!!!

Ace tips

Beginner’s guide to rooting an Android device

Check out this article by LITTLE GREEN ROBOT for a nice introduction to rooting Android devices:

Beginner’s guide to rooting an Android device

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