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App Quarantine – Report #4

Hi there again!

Maybe you already wondered what’s up here because I had skipped the last month’s report. Unfortunately I’m busy working on new apps therefore didn’t spend a lot of time on App Quarantine. There are no new features to write about so let’s go on with Google’s statistics.

App Quarantine is now in the Market for six months and in the meanwhile I have reached 28.000 total downloads (10.000 active installations). While the total downloads trippled compared to my numbers two months ago, my active installations only doubled. The funny part is that last week the active installations still were at 6.000! But then something unexpected happened and I got an email from AppBrain telling me that my app is in their “Hottest apps Top 10″… so within the next couple days my numbers increased drastically!

164 people dropped a rating: 123 five stars, 25 four stars, and less than 10 three/two/one stars, which leads to an average of 4.57 stars. The few low ratings are usually attached to comments like (“doesn’t work”). Well actually it works for all other people so changes are good that you did something wrong (i.e. problems with root access). Such comments don’t really help anyone especially if there is no mention WHAT doesn’t work, and even worse, there is no way for me to get back on you and help you solve the issues. So if you have any problems or suggestions then please drop me an email!

Now some statistics about Android versions:

– 2.3 (Gingerbread) is used by 62% – two months ago 48%
– 2.2 (FroYo) is used by 28% – two months ago 46%
– 3.x (Honeycomb) is used by 3% – two months ago 1.6%

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is still the hottest device with a strong 12.9% usage!

During the last two months I didn’t really promote my app but still discovered few more reviews:

– Feature on xda-developers portal: read

– Review on TheAndroidSoul: read

– Review on CNET: read

Last but not least I want you all to add me on Google Plus and let me know what you think about App Quarantine!

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