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APP QUARANTINE remains 100% free, paid version APP QUARANTINE PRO in the works

APP QUARANTINE has always been 100% free and will always be. 100% for me means that the app is not only free to download, but there are no weird data collection practises, and of course no ads or hidden advertisment scams.

I just got shocked when I read an article about “Bloat freezer”, an app which practises malicious advertisment scam.

In other news I’m currently working on a paid version APP QUARANTINE PRO. Of course there will be more advanced features. More and more users  are already asking for similar functionality so I’m sure this will be interesting!

For the time being, why not doing a little poll….  Feel free to leave any feature requests in the comments as well!


App Quarantine optimized for GALAXY NEXUS and other phones running ICE CREAM SANDWICH (Android 4.0)

App Quarantine on Galaxy Nexus

Today I published a new version of APP QUARANTINE. There’s now a new design for phones running Android 4.0 like the popular GALAXY NEXUS and several older phones with ICS Custom ROMs. A similar design can also be seen on tablets with Android 3.x

With a recent update a couple days ago APP QUARANTINE now supports the new “disable apps” feature of Ice cream sandwich. This means that apps which were disabled in Android app settings are also visible in APP QUARANTINE and vice versa.

App Quarantine on Android Market