APP QUARANTINE remains 100% free, paid version APP QUARANTINE PRO in the works

APP QUARANTINE has always been 100% free and will always be. 100% for me means that the app is not only free to download, but there are no weird data collection practises, and of course no ads or hidden advertisment scams.

I just got shocked when I read an article about “Bloat freezer”, an app which practises malicious advertisment scam.

In other news I’m currently working on a paid version APP QUARANTINE PRO. Of course there will be more advanced features. More and more users  are already asking for similar functionality so I’m sure this will be interesting!

For the time being, why not doing a little poll….  Feel free to leave any feature requests in the comments as well!


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5 responses to “APP QUARANTINE remains 100% free, paid version APP QUARANTINE PRO in the works”

  1. Bojan says :

    I would love to see added clear description of each system app and where it’s used primarily to help determining if it’s safe to freeze.

  2. Vivi O says :

    Hey Ramdroid, this is one of the most useful apps for my phone so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a pro version as reward for your efforts. One feature request: can you add an “auto freeze” option that automatically freezes an app again after you send it to background?

  3. Gaz says :

    love this app. Id buy pro. B-)

  4. Conquerot says :

    zhe people would br paying,if there are interesting and usefull features included

  5. shotgun says :

    Yeah go for it. Time cost money at the end of the day, so I’m surprised its been free for so long. In my opinion its the best app of its kind. Even titanium’s freeze isn’t as good. So charge away, your hard work deserves it.

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