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Added folder navigation for groups in APP QUARANTINE PRO

In the PRO version I have added the ability to support groups. That means you can take all apps which use GPS and put them in a group, take all apps that use Internet in another group, and create a third group which contains only apps that use lots of memory but you don’t need them very often. You can then freeze all apps in a group with one fingertip, and you can put a widget on your homescreen to manage apps which you don’t need very often.

In the new version the navigation in the application was improved. Usually you have quite a long list of apps to scroll through. Now the apps which you have put in a group no longer appear in the list. Instead you just open the group and see the apps in there.

APP QUARANTINE PRO is available in Android Market for 1 EURO.




If you already liked the free version of APP QUARANTINE then you will love the new PRO version! There are even more features to slaughter bloatware and improve your battery life!

APP QUARANTINE PRO finally makes it possible to freeze multiple apps with just one fingertip!

You quickly can select your apps and put them together in groups. If you care about your network bandwidth or privacy issues you can filter apps by their permissions. So for instance you can show all apps that are able to access INTERNET and make PHONE CALLS and then from this list choose the apps you want to have in one group.

Of course you can also use your groups from the homescreen widget. So you disable/enable all apps of a group at once. Another way to use groups is to use them as categories. For example you can put together apps that access INTERNET in a group and when you are on the widget you can individually disable/enable one by one just as you need them.

APP QUARANTINE PRO is available in Android Market for 1 EURO.