If you already liked the free version of APP QUARANTINE then you will love the new PRO version! There are even more features to slaughter bloatware and improve your battery life!

APP QUARANTINE PRO finally makes it possible to freeze multiple apps with just one fingertip!

You quickly can select your apps and put them together in groups. If you care about your network bandwidth or privacy issues you can filter apps by their permissions. So for instance you can show all apps that are able to access INTERNET and make PHONE CALLS and then from this list choose the apps you want to have in one group.

Of course you can also use your groups from the homescreen widget. So you disable/enable all apps of a group at once. Another way to use groups is to use them as categories. For example you can put together apps that access INTERNET in a group and when you are on the widget you can individually disable/enable one by one just as you need them.

APP QUARANTINE PRO is available in Android Market for 1 EURO.


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7 responses to “APP QUARANTINE PRO is out now!”

  1. Engr. Francisco E. Mislan says :

    this is great apps… And very helpfull for us users. thanks

  2. stogie53 says :

    I love your app it was a great improvement over the apparently manager I had on my prior Device. Which was the HTC Vivid that my friend rooted for me. unfortunately the Device had a problem and I was forced to replace it with a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocketing ( i727). Which I have. no clue how to root after spending weeks on XDA Premium. I was wondering if you could give me a hand rooting this phone so I can get back to using your Alps.
    Thank you

  3. Pamela everidge says :

    My phone keeps freezing up

  4. Jago says :

    Will it refreeze after using the widget and does the widget use battery?

    • ramdroid says :

      Apps that are enabled from the widget are NOT automatically refrozen. In the PRO version there’s an option to change the behavior of the widget. When this is enabled then the app is enabled + launched when you click it the first time, and disabled when you click it again.

      The widget does not consume additional battery power. It’s only doing something when you click it. Otherwise there are no background service running.

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