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New root app ADB TOGGLE – public beta test until 05/2012

I’m about to release a new app called AdbToggle. It’s a security tool which helps to protect your device when you have the USB Debug settings enabled, and you still want to avoid that a possible thief gains control over your phone (and data). You probably have USB debug settings enabled when you develop on your phone, or otherwise it’s enabled when you just love to pimp up your phone with Custom ROMs and root apps!

Yes, AdbToggle needs to have root access as well. But it only needs root to install itself as system application. After installation root is no longer needed.

I’m doing a public beta test on XDA-Developers and during this time you can download the app from Google Play for free. When the beta test expires in 05/2012 then the beta version will stop working, and the full version will be made available for purchase.

For full details check out the thread on XDA-Developers:

[APP] AdbToggle (ROOT) – public beta test



How often do you update your Android apps?

When looking at the Developer console statistics for APP QUARANTINE I figured out that users don’t always update to the newest versions. Here’s what I found out:

APP QUARANTINE (15K active users):

* 3-4 weeks after publishing a new version only 68% have updated
* 5 weeks after publishing a new version around 91% have updated

For the paid version the results are by far better, however there’s also a smaller user base:

APP QUARANTINE PRO (less than 200 active users):

* 4 days after publishing a new version 88% have updated
* 10 days after publishing a new version 100% have updated

Join the poll!

Now in the I would like to know about your “best practise” considering Android app updates in general!
If you are an Android developer as well feel free to post about your experiences, I’m curious to read them too!

Introducing direct launch mode for 1×1 widget (App Quarantine Pro)

By user request I have added a new option for the 1×1 widget. If the “Widget direct launch” (see screenshot) is enabled in the settings then the behaviour for the 1×1 widget is different. When an app is disabled and you click the widget then it’s automatically enabled and then launched. On the other hand if the app is already enabled and you click it again then it will be disabled. By the way this only works if you have setup a widget with only one app. If you are using a group in the 1×1 widget then the popup appears like usual. But try it out on your own! 😉

APP QUARANTINE PRO is available at Google Play for 1 EURO.

Get it on Google Play

Long awaited 1×1 widget now available in APP QUARANTINE PRO

Some people have been waiting for this quite some time. Now it’s finally here! When hitting the widget then a small screen appears and from there you can disable/enable the apps or launch them immediately, just the same way you already used it when using the old widget with groups.

On the screenshot you see how it looks on Android 4.0

APP QUARANTINE PRO is available at Google Play for 1 EURO.

Get it on Google Play