How often do you update your Android apps?

When looking at the Developer console statistics for APP QUARANTINE I figured out that users don’t always update to the newest versions. Here’s what I found out:

APP QUARANTINE (15K active users):

* 3-4 weeks after publishing a new version only 68% have updated
* 5 weeks after publishing a new version around 91% have updated

For the paid version the results are by far better, however there’s also a smaller user base:

APP QUARANTINE PRO (less than 200 active users):

* 4 days after publishing a new version 88% have updated
* 10 days after publishing a new version 100% have updated

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Now in the I would like to know about your “best practise” considering Android app updates in general!
If you are an Android developer as well feel free to post about your experiences, I’m curious to read them too!


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4 responses to “How often do you update your Android apps?”

  1. Meanie says :

    Hmmm did you get results 😀

  2. ramdroid says :

    I didn’t receive too much results since only 30 people contributed. You can click on the “View results” link to see the summary: 55% keep their apps up-to-date. This is not very surprising when looking at the numbers I provided in the first place 😉

  3. Kaushik Rajan says :


    I have had the free version of App quarantine for a little over 6 months now and I like it a lot. However, I recently received an OTA Update on my rooted RAZR which upgraded it to ICS (Android 4.0.4). Obviously, I lost root access and so had to work on getting it “Re-Rooted”.

    Once I rooted the phone, I went into the app and tried to unfreeze a previously frozen app. I get an error stating that I need root access.

    All other apps that need root access seem to be working fine. I even used Titanium backup and it worked fine, but for some reason, I am unable to unfreeze apps using app quarantine.

    Please let me know what information you need in order to help me fix this. I am not much of a techie, so you may have to “dumb down” any technical information to my level… lol


    • ramdroid says :

      I recently had a user with the same problem. All his root apps were working fine except App Quarantine. There seems to be an issue with the SuperUser app and ICS. I asked him to use “SuperSu” instead and his problems were gone. The problem here is that the Android command to freeze apps needs a special dependency. SuperUser doesn’t provide this, the tool crashes, and App Quarantine reports an error with your root access.

      Superuser is based on very old code from the early days of Android. SuperSu on the other hand is a brand new app that deals with some problems that can’t be solved with SuperUser app. It’s developed by “chainfire” (well recognized root dev at xda-developers). Here’s the thread on xda for more information:

      You can install it this way:

      1. if you have ClockworkMod then first do a nandroid backup (just in case)

      2. Install SuperSu from Google Play:

      DO NOT remove the SuperUser app!

      3. Run it, and let it install itself. Then try App Quarantine again.

      4. If you want to uninstall SuperSU then you first have to run the original SuperUser and restore root access by using the “update su binary” option in the settings. You should first confirm that your ‘old’ Superuser access is working again before uninstalling SuperSu, otherwise you might lose root access!

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