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ADB Toggle 1.0 is available now! Get it while it’s hot!

ADB Toggle like the name already says allows you to toggle the USB debug mode. You can do this in the app or by using a homescreen widget. Furthermore there’s an automatic mode: when you unplug your device then USB debug mode is turned off. When you plug it in again then USB debug mode is still disabled, it will only be enabled again if you unlock your screen.


Why should I need to care about the USB debug mode?

Maybe you already figured out that when you plugin your phone to your PC then the contents of your SD card are only accessible when your screen is unlocked. This is very good, however there’s a major security risk when USB debug mode is enabled that still allows an unwanted person to access your data…  and if you are rooted even allows for total control over your phone!

When buying a new Android phone then this is of course not enabled by default, but if you are an Android developer or otherwise just like to play around with Custom ROMs and root apps, then the USB debug mode is usually enabled and voilà….



What are the requirements for ADB Toggle

In order to use ADB Toggle you need to have a rooted phone. You even need to have full write access to the system partition (e.g. no NAND protection like on some HTC phones) because ADB Toggle is only working when installed as system app. This is maybe for the downside…. however the good thing is that AdbToggle doesn’t need root access anymore after you have installed it.


Free vs. paid version

In the free version you can toggle USB debug settings with a handy homescreen widget. ADB Toggle can also be used by other apps. For example App Quarantine enables USB debug mode before disabling/enabling an app, and turns it off when finished. There will soon be a developer library available so other root apps that need USB debug mode can use it as well.

When you buy the PRO License Key then the automatic mode will be available!


How does it look?

The UI of course is ready for Android 4.0 and looks just like that on older Android versions as well. The minimum requirement is Android 2.2 (Froyo).

Download from Google Play

Scan this code to download the free version from Google Play

You can also use this direct link: