ADB Toggle can now reboot your phone into recovery

I have added a new feature into ADB Toggle that offers you all the common reboot options. When you need to reboot more frequently then you can use the new home screen widget!

For the reboot options (normal, recovery and bootloader) ADB Toggle require the REBOOT permission. This permission is only granted by the Android system when the app is registered as system application. If you have installed the previous version of ADB Toggle then the system does not grant the reboot permission yet, therefore the system application needs to be updated. You don’t have to do anything to make this work. ADB Toggle updates itself (followed by a reboot) when you try to use the reboot features.

Here the reboot options are explained in detail:

1. Fast reboot

This option does not fully reboot your device, it only restarts the Android system. This reboot option is not provided by the Android system and is only working with root access. It’s the same reboot method that is also used internally by ADB Toggle when you install or remove the system app.

2. Normal reboot

This option performs a full device reboot. Before restarting the device Android makes sure that all processes and services are closed properly. Obviously this takes little more time than the fast reboot option but it’s the recommended way if you need to reboot under normal conditions.

3. Reboot into recovery

When you need to make a NANDROID backup or want to flash the newest Jelly Bean ROM then you are probably using ClockworkMod recovery or one of the newer custom recoveries with touch support. People with a serious flash addiction might love the quick access from the home screen widget.

4. Reboot into bootloader

You need to reboot into bootloader mode when you need to have fastboot access. Fastboot is a tool which is used to unlock/lock the bootloader on Nexus devices. Furthermore you can use it to flash custom recoveries or restore stock images.


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One response to “ADB Toggle can now reboot your phone into recovery”

  1. ct2020 says :

    That is very cool!

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