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New options available for ADB Toggle

In the newest version of ADB Toggle (1.2) you can now configure more options for the automatic mode… well if you have bought the license key for the PRO version that is 😉

Additional options for automatic mode

Previously the automatic mode was only toggling USB-debugging when you plugged the USB cable. Alternatively you can now toggle when you turn off the screen. So in this mode USB-debugging will always be disabled if you turn off your screen, and re-enabled if your screen is unlocked.

If you still prefer to toggle when plugging the USB cable then there’s an additional option as well: when you unplug your phone from your PC or docking station then ADB Toggle can automatically lock your screen as well.

New scheduled mode

That’s not all! In the new version you can also setup a scheduled mode instead.

So for instance you can setup USB-debugging to be always enabled during your working hours. In the evenings and when you go party in the weekend you can be sure that USB-debugging is always disabled!

One more thing

Besides the usual stability and performance improvements I’d like to announce that ADB Toggle is now also available in a German version!

Download from Google Play

But enough of this blabbering, just hit the “Update” button in Play Store, or if you are new to ADB Toggle go ahead and scan this code to download the free version from Google Play:

You can also use the direct link: