App Quarantine Pro – Toggle apps from notification bar (Android 4.1)

For a long time it was already possible in App Quarantine to enable/disable apps directly from your home-screen by using widgets. You can add a widget for each app you need to toggle frequently, or when using the Pro version you can add a widget with multiple apps. This is definitely faster then opening the app each time and search for the app you want to toggle.


Basically the idea is that you use the app to toggle apps permanently, but use the widget when you need to toggle it more frequently. Now when using the widget then the most recently toggled apps will automatically appear in your notification bar so you re-disable them instantly from wherever you are. You can use the notification bar in just the same way like you use the widget: hit the lock icon to toggle the app (it’s green when enabled), or hit the app’s icon to launch it. Of course you can also toggle all apps at once.


If you don’t want to use notifications, no problem: just go into settings and disable it.

Now get it on Google Play!

Get it on Google Play


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7 responses to “App Quarantine Pro – Toggle apps from notification bar (Android 4.1)”

  1. iWantTo KeepAnon says :

    I was about to leave a review and google play says it has to be done w/ google+ … fat chance of me leaving anymore app reviews. But that’s not your fault … though you might lodge a complaint w/ google. Sounds like a very self-serving move to me on google’s part (but I’m not surprised).

    ANYWAY, as for App Quarantine, I appreciate it and you have my gratitude. Very solid, performs exactly as advertised and has never force closed on me. I started using it to cut the Sprint bloat off my HTC EVO 4g. And that helped a lot.

    I have since rooted and installed CM7 which for some reason doesn’t have a “phone only” calendar. Why oh Why CM7?? So since I already had app quarantine I asked it to show me services and froze google contacts and calendar sync processes and now I have a private phone only address book and calendar! Thanks, AQ rocks.

    • ramdroid says :

      Thanks a lot for your comment!

      I’m personally quite enthusiastic about G+ because it’s a great way for me to keep up on everything (mainly Android development), stay in touch with other developers or geeks, and of course to promote my newest apps or open source projects. However I don’t think it was necessary to make G+ mandatory in order to leave a review. I fully understand your reasons because I don’t like these restrictions and I believe this was a bad move by Google. Hard times if you don’t want to use it; I assume G+ will be deeper integrated into the OS in the near future.

  2. Talma says :

    Congratulations for the great app.

    I miss the option to choose the group icon.

    Would be great if it were developed, with the option to choose the icon from another app or a file. And, of course, that the selected icon was displayed in the widget group.

    Today, if I have two widget can not distinguish the groups (I do not use label).

    Thank you!

  3. Rasmus says :

    I found this app, because I was tired of Google pushing bloatware on my Leedroid-rooted HTC. Like many I lack space on my phone (not RAM-memory), so I use the app to avoid re-installation of the bloatware.

    However: I am not 100 % sure what “quarantine” and “freezing” is. I assume it is preventing the apps from running, but keeping the apps in their location. Is there an option for deleting the apps, and still keep them from being installed in the future?

    • ramdroid says :

      When you quarantine (or like other people call it: “freeze”) an app then it is no longer running, that means it’s not loaded into RAM.

      But when you want to delete system apps (the ones you can’t simply uninstall) then things are getting more complicated. You could free up space, however only on the system partition (on which you usually don’t add new stuff anyway). That means when you are running out of space then deleting such files doesn’t make a difference because all the apps you install are on another drive (data partition).

      When removing files from the system partition you could also run into more troubles if you delete a wrong file and may brick your phone. If you quarantine the wrong system apps your phone still might crash, but you could recover it anytime by performing a factory reset. However if you permanently delete files from system then they can only be restored by flashing a new ROM.

      Removing system files is not a planned feature for App Quarantine. It would break the simplicity of the app. There will be new features in the future but they will all be focused around ‘quarantining’ apps.

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