App Quarantine Pro: improved notifications (Android 4.1)

I recently introduced a new feature that allows you to re-disable apps when they were activated from a widget. In the newest version (1.28.1) this has been slightly improved: when an app is back in quarantine (by toggling from the notification bar, widget, app) then it automatically disappears from the notification now, and when all apps are re-disabled then the whole notification disappears as well. With this improvement the notification don’t get in your way when you don’t need them.

If you still prefer a permanent notification bar from which you can always enable/disable the most recently apps then there’s a little setting to bring back the original behavior: just disable “Only keep active apps in notification“.



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3 responses to “App Quarantine Pro: improved notifications (Android 4.1)”

  1. Titter says :

    Thank you very much for this App Quarantine Pro! It is so nice to have apps installed and available when you need them, but not worry about them running constantly (yes, you Facebook and Skype).

    I was just about to ask if you could add a “All Quarantined Apps” widget, then I looked into the Groups feature and realized you already did!

    Now my only suggestion is to modify that view a little so it it appears more like a launcher app drawer (just a grid of icons with the little lock overlay), so hopefully you wouldn’t have to scroll. But overall, the existing group widget dialog is pretty much what I was looking for.

    • ramdroid says :

      It’s funny because I’ve already planned to add a ‘Quarantine drawer’ for the next update. The drawer won’t be bound to a group and will always show all disabled apps automatically. I’m currently busy revamping the settings screen and the Quarantine drawer is the next thing on my to-do list 😉

  2. fred says :

    using ramdroid forever just discovered app quarantine and was amazed! one widget to lock em all temporarily unwanted apps (like those that set to auto sync) when off-line! great job!

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