App Quarantine – Translators wanted!!!

Previously App Quarantine was not available in lots of languages. This is now about to change as I’m looking forward to get the app translated in all possible languages.

In order to get a quality translation I believe the best way is having it translated by you – the users. You are the ones who know what the app is really doing and what the texts mean, and you are the ones who don’t want to look at crappy machine translated texts.

In the past I was handling few translations through Emails but as you can image this is not very comfortable. So I decided to use Crowdin which is a very nice community translation site. The great advantage over other similar sites is that you don’t have to register for an account. Just login with your Google account and you are ready!

As a little reward for your efforts you will be credit in the app:


So if your native language is missing then jump into the Crowdin site and contribute your translations. Don’t forget to drop me a message so I can assign you as proof reader. This means that you can change translations when there are multiple suggestions or remove wrong ones. Proof readers are also the ones that get credited in the app!

Furthermore, if you are involved in any translation (no matter if you are proof reader or not) then you are privileged to use the PRO version of App Quarantine. If you don’t already have the PRO version then you’ll receive an unlock key to enable all features in the free one!

Now I hope to meet you on Crowdin soon! Start with this link:


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9 responses to “App Quarantine – Translators wanted!!!”

  1. Suleyman Celik says :

    Hi Ronald, I can translate your application strings to Turkish.

  2. ramdroid says :

    Is it possible for you to use the Crowdin site instead? Don’t know if I’ll keep the github site anyway.

  3. Leo Nguyễn says :

    I will help you to translate to Vietnamese. 🙂

  4. John M says :

    I have to say this option from a developer is pretty awesome and giving pro upgrades to those that help with translations is awesome as well. Makes a lot of sense to just get the people who speak the language natively to help. For this reason I purchased the pro version of your app to support, what I consider, a decent developer. Well done.

  5. Petro says :

    I am an idiot for purchasing an app that requires me to enable ADB each time it is used, and then disable it afterward. You are an idiot if you leave ADB enabled all the time.

  6. Pushpendra says :

    Good information, I like your post and It is very useful for translation problem.

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