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Blog discontinued, join me on the new one!

I think I’ve been using this blog long enough! Time to start a new one:


ADB Toggle reached END OF LIFE

Yesterday I uploaded ADB Toggle and made it non-available on devices running Android 4.4 and later. It will keep working on devices running Android 4.3 and earlier, but 4.4 is no longer supported.

First off, sorry to the people who kept waiting for an update. I’m currently busy developing a new app and didn’t look into ADB Toggle until yesterday. I quickly fixed an issue which I thought was the reason, but sadly it wasn’t. ADB Toggle uses a little trick to do what it can do: when installed as system app it can use system privileges to toggle USB debugging. It seems the Android team changed this with the 4.4 release and now ADB Toggle no longer gets the permission to toggle USB debugging, even though it is installed as system app.

There could be other ways to still do this by using root access, but the point of this app was to not need any root after installation. It would also require some more development work which I honestly don’t want to spend. People more familiar with Android security probably already know that since 4.2 ADB Toggle is obsolete anyway: USB access is only allowed on a PC when you explicitly confirm this. This means if you have USB debugging enabled and ‘someone’ steals your devices and connects to his PC he still won’t get into (and that already was the whole point of my app).

So now it’s probably a good opportunity to say goodbye and thanks for the 100K installs! 😉