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The ultimate tool to FREEZE unwanted apps on your droid! Quickly get rid of the overrated BLOAT that is added by your phone manufacturer or network provider! But the app is not only useful to block system apps: APP QUARANTINE is here to replace your TASK MANAGER as well. Without draining any battery you can quickly disable apps that you don’t need very often and with the homescreen WIDGET you get them back in action with a fingertip.

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This is the PRO version of APP QUARANTINE which is even more kick ass! You can filter apps by their permissions and put them together in groups. In the homescreen widget you can disable multiple apps at the same time without a hassle, or you can toggle only selected apps from a group.

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32 responses to “About”

  1. Andy says :

    Can I Quarantine the com.lge.omadmclient on LG P-920?

    • ramdroid says :

      I’m not familar with LG devices but from a little research I found out the package you mentioned is related to a system update service. From the results I’d say it’s save to try and put it into quarantine. Here are the steps I would suggest:

      1. Put the package into quarantine
      2. Play around with various apps and check if everything is still running fine and you see no crashes.
      3. Reboot and if there are still no crashes or misbehaviour then you are probably fine.

      I don’t assume you have problems re-enabling the package if there are errors. But if for some reasons you run into problems with an unstable system then you can always restore your apps from an adb shell or even in recovery mode. I can help out with instrunctions in case you need help.

  2. Andy says :

    thank you for the advise

  3. Roland says :

    Is there a Downloadfolder for former versions of Quarantine 1.1.8. This version is working for me the newest 1.2.1 not !

    • ramdroid says :

      I’m only supporting the newest version which is available in Android Market. If there are problems in a newer release then Im glad to fix them. Just get in touch by email and send me your error reports.

  4. Gabriel says :

    Hi there!

    All of you make the best apps, You guys rock!

    I have a big issue here, since my phone got updated it got unrooted and some apps I had blocked with app quarantine are stuck on blocked. Is there a way I can return back those apps and fix my phone till new root comes? Thanks for the reply in advise!

    • ramdroid says :

      Sorry for the late reply but I have been off a few days. The die-hard solution is to just do a factory reset. This way all your quarantined apps are back. If you are more tech-aware then you can edit the file /data/system/packages.xml manually (you don’t need root) and then perform a reboot. But be careful with this file! If you make any mistakes then Android tries to regenerate the file itself, which most likely leads to all apps force closing constantly. So, probably a factory reset is the cleanest solution in case you have a backup of your most important data…

  5. Davide Rossi says :

    I’m having troubles with the widget. The app works just fine but the widget just doesn’t show up on the list when I try to add it in the home screen. I’m using a Galaxy W with stock firmware and go launcher ex. I also tried to switch back to the default launcher but the widget is still not listed. Is that a known issue? What can I try to fix it?

    • ramdroid says :

      You have probably installed App Quarantine on your SD card. The Android OS requires that the app is installed on your phone’s internal memory in order to use the widgets. So if you move it back then the widget should appear in the list as well:

      Menu –> Settings –> Apps –> App Quarantine –> Click “Move to phone”

      • Davide Rossi says :

        silly me, you’re right, the app was in the sd card. Now I’m trying to set up a group with the widget to no avail. Is the option only available in the pro version or is there something I’m missing? BTW, bug report: when adding the widget a dialog appears asking for the application to associate. If you click the back (physical) button a useless empty widget is created.

  6. ramdroid says :

    The groups are of course only available in the PRO version.

    Thanks for the bug report. Just re-tested it on two devices (Android 2.2 and 4.0) and the empty widget is NOT created when going back from the app list. What Android version are you running?

  7. Davide Rossi says :

    The device is a Samsung Galaxy W with the stock Android 2.3.6. In any case this is probably either a bug in Go Launcher Ex or a bug triggered by it, since I don’t have this weird behavior with TwLauncher.

  8. Matias says :

    It would be nice if you use some “app list” cache to speed up the build of the app list when App Quarantine starts, and then you can update the cache at background to improve the response of the interface. I suggest this because in my Motorola Defy there is a delay of about 30 seconds before I can use the application when I start App Quarantine. This delay is too much if I open the App Quarantine to only unlock one app.
    The rest of the application work flawless and is great!
    Thanks!, Matias

  9. Fritz says :

    As a user of MyPhoneExplorer especially in the office with my Phone in the dock I love the adb toggle! Just no need to worry about adb ob when unplugging!!

    One cool feature I would like: Lock the screen on usb unplugged, that would increase security when I’m off for a minute from my desk and have the unlocked phone in the cradle πŸ™‚

    But maybe this is possible with some other app, I will take a look.

    Anyway good work, thanks!

  10. some dude says :

    I just downloaded AppQuarantinePro today but I can’t figure out how to use it. If I click “quarantine”, there is nothing there and I am not sure how to put anything there. If I click “apps”, then check one of the apps, my only options are “done” or to click the lock. “Done” seems to do nothing. If I click the lock it tells me to install some USB app. The USB app wont install because it tells me that I am out of storage space which is not the case.

    • ramdroid says :

      ADB Toggle is recommended as extension, but it’s not necessary needed. App Quarantine needs to have the USB debug settings enabled while disabling/enabling apps. You can turn on this feature in Android settings –> Developer options.

      For security reasons however this settings should be turned off because in case of device lost/theft it might allow a person to easily gain full access on your phone even when using an unlock code/pattern etc. Therefore ADB Toggle is automatically enabling USB debug settings when you disable an app, and immediately turns it off after App Quarantine has succeeded.

      If you have troubles installing ADB Toggle then please download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xtralogic.android.logcollector or a similar app, try to install ADB Toggle, and then launch Log Collector to send me an error report so I can see what went wrong. Send it to me via Email (ramdroid.fn@googlemail.com)

  11. phil says :

    adb quar. Is one of the best apps ive seen. Thanks one question though what does ‘ force launcher restart’ do. Thanks again

    • ramdroid says :

      ‘Force restart launcher’ will restart your launcher (Home screen) after disabling/enabling apps.

      This is enabled by default on Android 2.x and no longer needed on the default launchers on Android 3 and 4. Launchers based on Android 3/4 will automatically detect when apps are enabled/disabled. If you are using a different launcher then it depends on the launcher implementation whether you need to restart the launcher or not.

      If ‘Force launcher restart’ is not enabled but your launcher does not detect it when apps are disabled then the icons of qarantined apps are still available but won’t be usable. Or the other way around if you restore an app then the icon would not appear in the launcher.

  12. mike says :

    How do u freeze an update notification on galaxy s2 ?

  13. Steve says :


    Any idea why Google Play constantly says there is an update to App Quarantine? I’ve reset Google Play, and unmistakeably and reinstalled App Quarantine, but it is still saying there is an update.



    • ramdroid says :


      I thought clearing cache/force close of the Google Play app usually solves such problems. If this didn’t help… sorry, no idea. 😦


  14. Steve says :

    Thanks – can you confirm when the last version was released?

    • ramdroid says :

      Sorry, what do you mean? If you get an update notification today then this is because I *really* released a new version few hours ago πŸ˜‰

  15. Steve says :

    Ah, there we go. I’m getting the notification today, but when I visit the app page, I get no option to update, and the release date is in January.

    I’ll keep trying. πŸ˜‰

    • ramdroid says :

      I think there’s a bug in Google Play. I often receive updates but when I click it the update button is not available. Occasionally happens with all kind of apps. Just hit back button and open it again, works for me most of the time.

  16. Steve says :

    Yeah, I’ve seen that plenty of times in the past, but it’s not working in this case.

    The weird thing is that I’ve reinstalled App Quarantine this morning, so you would think I have the latest version anyway. It’s there a way I can tell if I have the latest? I can’t find a version number within the app.

    • ramdroid says :

      Yes, go to Settings –> Apps –> App Quarantine. In the “App info” screen it shows the version number. The version from January is 1.27 (or 2.7 when using PRO) and the new one from today is 1.28 (or 2.8).

  17. Steve says :

    Thanks. All sorted – it’s just picked up the update. πŸ™‚

  18. trollsroyce says :


    I leave this as a request feature. (Hope you’ll think about it)

    a double-tab on a homescreen widget to unfreeze and open app. (don’t know if it’s possible).

    or an option that allow this mechanism (unfreeze and open).

    Thank you for the job already done.

    • trollsroyce says :

      you can delete the post. just see that when you unfreeze it just start the app. When I test it yesterday I don’t see it (think I just don’t wait enough).


  19. Travis Bickle says :

    Great app! A must have! I have a few questions (concerning about icons of widgets):
    1: Is it possible to customize them? For example, i use MIUI icon pack on my rom, but when i add a widget from app quarantine, the icon of the related application is the (ugly) default one…i would like widgets to have the same theme of my rom
    2: Why do some icons disappear whenever i restart the phone? I only can see the status icon (lock/unlock) in the right-down corner and i’m forced to unfreeze/freeze to get the icons back.
    Can you solve this issues? It would be great!
    Thanks in advance!

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