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App Quarantine Pro: improved notifications (Android 4.1)

I recently introduced a new feature that allows you to re-disable apps when they were activated from a widget. In the newest version (1.28.1) this has been slightly improved: when an app is back in quarantine (by toggling from the notification bar, widget, app) then it automatically disappears from the notification now, and when all apps are re-disabled then the whole notification disappears as well. With this improvement the notification don’t get in your way when you don’t need them.

If you still prefer a permanent notification bar from which you can always enable/disable the most recently apps then there’s a little setting to bring back the original behavior: just disable “Only keep active apps in notification“.



App Quarantine Pro – Toggle apps from notification bar (Android 4.1)

For a long time it was already possible in App Quarantine to enable/disable apps directly from your home-screen by using widgets. You can add a widget for each app you need to toggle frequently, or when using the Pro version you can add a widget with multiple apps. This is definitely faster then opening the app each time and search for the app you want to toggle.


Basically the idea is that you use the app to toggle apps permanently, but use the widget when you need to toggle it more frequently. Now when using the widget then the most recently toggled apps will automatically appear in your notification bar so you re-disable them instantly from wherever you are. You can use the notification bar in just the same way like you use the widget: hit the lock icon to toggle the app (it’s green when enabled), or hit the app’s icon to launch it. Of course you can also toggle all apps at once.


If you don’t want to use notifications, no problem: just go into settings and disable it.

Now get it on Google Play!

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