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App Quarantine Pro: improved notifications (Android 4.1)

I recently introduced a new feature that allows you to re-disable apps when they were activated from a widget. In the newest version (1.28.1) this has been slightly improved: when an app is back in quarantine (by toggling from the notification bar, widget, app) then it automatically disappears from the notification now, and when all apps are re-disabled then the whole notification disappears as well. With this improvement the notification don’t get in your way when you don’t need them.

If you still prefer a permanent notification bar from which you can always enable/disable the most recently apps then there’s a little setting to bring back the original behavior: just disable “Only keep active apps in notification“.



Free version of User Manager available, new feature for managing running processes

User Manager is an app for Android 4.2 devices. The app offers more functionality to the limited multi-user feature. Now you can share your installed apps between all your users.

When User Manager was introduced in December 2012 it was only available in Google Play as paid version. Now there’s a free version available too. The free version comes with just the same features like the paid version, however it’s limited to managing one guest account only.

There’s a new feature available too….

Manage running processes

When often switching between user accounts then after a while your device is not feeling so responsive anymore. What you maybe don’t know is that the apps of all user accounts are still running in the background. With User Manager you can easy monitor what apps are running on which account, and stop them.


If you are familiar on how the Android system is working then you know that apps are coming back when you stopped them. Apps that are listening to system events (like receiving a new Email or instant message) will automatically be restarted by the system. Unfortunately his also happens when stopping apps on other user accounts.

So what do you wanna do? Wait for a task killer that supports multiple user accounts and let it drain your battery even faster? No thanks! User Manager comfortable lets you stop all activities on other user accounts. Just select “Running Processes” and select “Kill all” for each user account you currently don’t need. This freezes the user account and only brings it back to life when you switch accounts again. No background service is running to keep killing restarted apps!

If you don’t see the running time for each process then you need to install busybox. You can install it for example by using this handy app by Stericson: Busybox installer

Little surprise coming?

Currently Google has limited the multi-user feature to tablets only. Some people already managed to enable it for phones when using Custom ROMs. From the beginning User Manager was designed to support phones as well. So if you run such custom ROM then you’ll see it scales nice on the small screen:


Teaser: now if this was only possible on a stock ROM.

Now get it on Google Play!

Feel free to grab the Free version or PRO version

New app for Android 4.2 tablets with Multi user support, special limited sale now!!

Today I proudly announce my newest app! User Manager is a tool to enhance the multiple user experience on Android 4.2 tablets.

Maybe you are sharing your tablets with your kids and you have already downloaded a couple of games. Or maybe you have setup an account that you are using for your job only. One of the limitations is that you need to login with your Google account(s) and re-install all apps for each account. But if you do this then your GMail, Google Plus, Calendar and such can be used by other users as well.

User Manager is a central administration tool that allows you to manage the apps for each user account. You can browse the apps that are installed for each user and then change their status from “Uninstalled” to “Installed”, or “Installed” to “Disabled”.
User Manager

There are some limitations and requirements on how you can use this app:

Of course your tablet needs to run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Currently this is only the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 but more and more tablets will appear with multiple users support. Google does not enable multi user support on phones so obviously you can’t use User Manager on them. However there’s hope that some custom ROMs will add multi user support to phones!

Like you can already guess this app needs root access in order to perform the changes. One downside currently is that you need to reboot your device for the changes to take effect. You can delay the reboot if you first need to do something else, but beware: the Android system might overwrite the changes after some time.

User Manager works with both free and paid apps. So theoretically you can add a new user without setting up a Google account (or use an entirely different Google account) and share previously installed apps between them. However some apps (especially games) are protected with a licensing mechanism and only work if you are using the right Google account.


I’m introducing the app with a special price! You can get it for only $0.99 / 0,50 € but only for a limited time. When the app has improved and more features have been added then it will be sold for regular price.

You can purchase the app from Google Play:


User Manager